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aloha! its Micahhhh with an H in the end so you can feel my sweet grumpiness name, I hate my name, coz when you add "to" on the last of it it will appear to be "Micahto" means crazy in my homeland, well I would be the sweetest grumpiness craziness LOL. I am a grumpy person but i still have sweetness though, I am very ambitious and very imaginative I fly in my mind and very happy too. I'm a rainbow chaser I chase my dreams dreams that are big as a rainbow and as colorful as it is, I dream to be a social worker, I want to take care kids who are homeless, naked and poor, I chose this so I can be patient coz like a grumpy lady I am impatient too with this I believe I can be patient. I chase love, well I have bunch of love to give but it doesn't show yet now coz I need someone who can take my GRUMPINESS away. I laugh and cry like everybody else, I fell in love a million times already (of course I'm being hyperbolic at million times) but yeah I fell for many times, and hurt for even more, but still I believe in love and no one can change that not even a tsunami of pain from LOVE. well so I hope you enjoy my page, and my rainbow chasing moments. ciao. Oh hey! when i said I hate my name I meant I love it. LOL that strange but yeah I used to hate it but I love it now. EMBRACE THE CRAZINESS.
I BELIEVE THAT: THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE, but it will piss you off first.

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Last two sundays ago, I got my Patriarchal Blessing’s copy, I was so excited to read it, know that I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and I was so happy I finally got it on my hands. 

A year ago I talked to my Bishop about this and there’s a problem with my baptismal record and it had caused delayed of me getting a recommend for my PB, I was devastated at that time in fact I kind of stop for months to attempt of getting it, so last October I tried again to talk to my Bishop about it then GOOD NEWS! He told me that my record was finally there and he can already give me a recommendation, I was so happy at that time I almost cried. That time I realized that fasting really works and that if you pray hard to Our Heavenly Father He will answer our prayers. 

So when I finally got to read my PB a lot of things that I have planned start changing, I decided to go to BYU but when I read my Patriarchal Blessing I realized that I have to do and follow what it was said there and I guess going into BYU is not yet the right time for me.

I NEVER HAD EXPECTED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE that I will decide to go on a mission,but it was said there and I think I do not have an excuse not do it, or even if I had I’m sure its not reasonable enough, I know that women are not oblige to serve on a mission but looking back before I got my PB I promised to myself that I’ll do whatever it says there and if I have to leave for a mission I’ll do it for I committed myself to do it. When I have read it I never regret of committing myself to do everything there, if I want to receive every promised blessings that was printed there I think I have to do my part first. 

I am not really sure if I am ready, serving is one of my fears, I am scared of being rejected and I am not sure if people will believe in me, But I will not know if I will not try to face this. I need to face every single fear I have so I can convert them as my strength. My cousin told me fear is the opposite of faith I guess I have to have faith that I can do it, with the Lord’s help I’m sure I can. 

at this point in my life I don’t do anything, I am not sure if I still want to go back to school after graduating, I thought I wanna get married but I broke up with my boyfriend after the decision of serving, Yeah I did that I broke up with him with that reason, I guess he is not yet the one God has prepared for me, maybe my eternal companion will be found in my mission or maybe after my mission, all I know is I know after this I know what to do and I know I can make better decisions with my life.